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Originally Posted by sensovision
By the way returning from offtopic to original question have you ever heard of memory from Infineon? as I've got their 16 mb MMC card and compared it's speed with Transcen 32 SD and Panasonic 8 SD. Panasonic was fastest, Transend a bit slower and Infineon really slow(I guess it's because it's MMC not SD)... so I just wonder if it's known if this manufacturer rebrand someone or do memory using own researches?
If never heard of Infineon. Chances are, it is just rebranded components though (most are).

Yes, even the slowest SD is much faster than the fastest MMC. You don't want MMC.

As for night photos, you only have a problem with the Konica if you boost ISO speed. For long exposure night photos using a tripod, it's ISO 50 is very clean. Noise reduction automatically kicks in on exposures 1/2 second or longer, and you can go up to 15 seconds in manual exposure mode.
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I've ask about Infineon(by the way this MMC come with Siemens SL45 phone and it has Siemens written on it as well) since one my friend make a lot of noise that it's leading brand and such, when he told me I really know nothing about memory cards but once I've do several searches I start to wonder where this "well known" brand could be found and is it so rare because of high demand LOL :roll:
Anyway I doesn't consider of buying MMC at all. Lexar or Panasonic(if I manage to get it, I've try to get one on Ebay yesterday but seller who work worldwide can't sell it to me since he process credit cards through PayPal which isn't accept my Ukrainian CC ) SD is my only choice.

As for nightshots I already manage to find Exacta Minitripod which I have to orger from Germany(as you can see life on Ukraine full of fun, nothing could be found locally ) and done some shots with X20 although I can't directly choose it's shutter speed so the only way to get less or more exposed picture is to increase ISO which lead to noise :?
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