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Default Is there a way to benchmark speed (X) of my memory cards?

I am new, so sorry if this has been asked before...

But I was wondering what the easiest and most accurate method is of quantifying the speed of my current memory cards...

One problem may be that I don't think I have any USB 2.0 readers.

I suppose I could try speed tests in a camera, but I am hoping there might be a PC based test, or way to convert the speed findings one could get with a hard drive performance test, or maybe a program that displays every tidbit about a card it can see.

Thanks all
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The best and only useful test is to test it in the camera.

This is because the way the camera sends data to the card matters. They have a write pattern... and how that pattern matches up with what the card expects is crucial. If they don't match up well, then it will be slower in that camera (this is part of the reason why a card will be fast in one camera and slower in another.)

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If you have access to a PPC, a well regarded flash media utility: :idea:
Pocket Mechanic v1.44
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Eric S makes the right point. Card test programmes based on pcmcia data test throughput, will only help compare cards against the interface spec, but not tell you whether you have hit the limit for your camera buffer memory size and processor speed. Unfortunately your camera does not have the same design architecture as a laptop or PDA/PPC.

In reality it can be like putting 5 star gas in a small engine car, except manufacturers and oem suppliers can change the 'formula' inside the packaging without you knowing, at any time.

Speed for me always means what improvement I get from MY camera measured with a stopwatch, not the figure on the box.Continuous movie can be a starter test. VOX
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