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Default Another one!?

DPReview.com is reporting today that in February ANOTHER flash memory format will be introduced--from a group called the Universal Transportable Memory Association. My question is WHY?!?

Well, I KNOW why--to try to capture market share, but we already have at least 8 flash memory formats [CompactFlash (CF), SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MultiMediaCard (MMC), Memory Stick Pro, XD and SecureDigital (SD)] and many of them are unnecessary. This is the same nonsense which hampered the acceptance of DVD burners--way too many proprietary formats. Since multi-format DVD drives came out, things have improved, but there's no way to do that with digicams. ARRGH! When will it end?

Do you get the feeling this is one of my pet peeves?

End of rant. I'm going to go take my meds now...:evil:
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Well, some digital cameras do accept more than one memory card format. Others can with adapters.

The first camera I owned that supported two formats was the Olympus C-2500L (Smartmedia and CompactFlash).

Even my latest digital camera supports two formats (Sony Memory Stick and Secure Digital).

Some other camera models support more than one format, too.

But, yes, it is getting a little carried away.

The trend is for smaller footprint memory, with lower power draw. This allows flash memory to be used in a greater variety of devices.
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Other than the format getting smaller, I don't see the point. That should lower costs (less materials) but also make them easier to loose.

I agree, though... SD and XD seem a waste. Why have two? I really haven't needed to research if there is a significant different but it just seems a waste to me.

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We don't need more choices in memory standards. We need faster, cheaper, and less power consumption from the standards already out on the market. But of course, some people just don't have common sense :lol: Go figure...
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Unless I read the post at DPreview incorrectly, it looks like this card is a high compacity and a high end card, and will probably show up in prosumer cameras. And lots of the prosumer cameras support multiple types of cards. So its use will be in a specific place, reducing the crazyness a bit.

Or, maybe I am completely wrong
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Is recording time limited by the card or only by the camera? If the former, then developing new memory formats will hopefully indicate a stead advance toward "instant" shooting. My old camera with SmartMedia requires ten seconds to fully record a shot; it has built-in flash memory that allows you to take up to 5 quick shots, but after that, you have to wait for ten seconds for each subsequent shot to record. In contrast, my new C-755 only takes about a second to record shots using xD; maybe part of that is due to the memory format? (I'm totally clueless about this, so just wondering).
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I bet it has more to do with the camera than the memory format. I believe most memory cards use the same basic type of flash memory inside.


I hate to say it, but I think your wrong. If this new standard will only appear in a certain section of the market (high end consumer cards) than that will limit its use. We want a standard to be adopted as far as possible... into as many products as possible. That way many companies make it leading to competition, lower prices & more features. If they limit its use, it will be a high cost standard... and we certainly don't need that.

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If I were dreaming, I think I'd like to see my camera having a universal bus port around which lots of different 3rd -party memory formats could be designed and plugged in, and if I got really stuck I could plug in a cheap hard drive! So I guess that's usb and a host controller in the camera?? Also, I might like to add more fast cache memory as well to help smooth out the memory write time.

It's a pity that Compact Flash is a parallel structured protocol like IDE, because an umbilical to a hard drive with its own controller and power in your pocket,might get a bit clumsy! VOX
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