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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
True, but at the very least, the Eye-fi card can automatically transfer new photos to his smartphone, whether there's cellular service or not, and when he ventures back into civilization, the smartphone will automatically transfer his photos to his photo sharing website of choice.
Then the limiting factor would be the available free space on the smartphone. This could become critical on a long trip away from "civilization"!

The ability to charge the camera and backup device would also be a factor.

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Yes, but certainly less so that recharging a laptop or a Wolverine or Epson multimedia viewer.
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Originally Posted by jvanwees View Post
Can anyone reccomend the best way to back up memory cards when on vacation if you don't have a laptop.
Bring a netbook along. They're smaller and lighter than a typical laptop, and give you far more functionality than stand alone storage devices. ;-)

I got the one I'm using now from Dell Outlet for $153.22 delivered (including sales tax and shipping).

It's a Dell Inspiron 11Z with 2GB of memory, a 160GB drive, a 1366x768 11.6" LED Backlit Display, Intel 4500HD graphics (capable of 1080P playback via it's HDMI port), and 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium (not starter like many cheaper netbooks come with). I've got it setup in a multi-boot config with 64 bit Win 7 Home Premium, and two different Linux distros (Mepis 11 and Kubuntu 12.04 LTS)

Here's a screen capture I made when buying it (you'll see specs on the right hand side of the page):


I love the deals you can find on refurbished machines at Dell Outlet if you're a good shopper, and the Dell refurbished machines have the same warranty options as their new machines.

Just get on their mailing list and wait until you see coupon codes for even more off the already reduced refurbished pricing. I've bought multiple laptops and desktops that way (refurbished from Dell Outlet, using coupon codes for more off) and they've all arrived in perfect, like new condition with no problems.

Sign up here and you'll get coupon codes via e-mail when they have them available on refurbished PCs (and you'll usually see 20% off coupons around once/month):


I bought the Dell Inspiron 11Z to replace a little Asus Eee PC 900 16G Netbook that I bought a few years back, since I cracked the display on the Asus. The Dell is a little larger, but I prefer it's higher resolution screen and larger keyboard compared to the older Asus model I was using.

I like bringing a little Netbook along with me when away from the house (local appointments, visits to relatives, trips downtown, etc.), since they're small and light enough to make them easy to bring along, and they give you much better functionality compared to a typical tablet, with more storage space, nice keyboard, etc.; with reduced size and weight compared to a laptop.
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I have a cousin that also got a Dell 11Z and she uses it for DJ/music work along with a 1TGB external hard drive. Jim has the right idea and I agree with what he is suggesting. With that said one of my photo friends that travels alot has a 64GB thumb drive that they use for photo backup. They load the images to the drive as well as keeps the on their cards. They carry the USB thumb drive on their keyring when its not being used for uploads. They don;t keep the photos on their laptop drive for some reason but that could be one layer of backup and the USB drive the second layer and the other memory cards a third layer if your that worried about loosing images.
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