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Default compactflash card won't read to computer!help please!

hi, i just purchased from ebay a lexar compact flash card and the jump drive reader came with it. i have a windows XP machine and have used my minolta S414 to transfer the images shot to the card to the computer, and that has worked fine. when i connected the reader to the front usb port, the comuter recognized it and stated it was now ready to use. when i inserted a card nothing happened. i went to my computer, right clicked on the drive, clicked properties and all seems to be okay. i click open and just an empty space apprears; the search bar shows " G:\ " and no folder, unlike when i do the transfer from the camera. some have written about "formatting cards", but minolta states formatting should only be done on the camera. if camera reads card properly, shouldn't the reader that was made for lexar cards work too? i realy don't think it is a formatting problem. the guy i bought it from said it worked fine on his computer, but he has a MAC and cannot help me.
i will appreciate any advice. thanks!
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Use the high tech trouble shooting technique: Swap Parts.

Can your camera write to the memory card? Can you preview the images within the camera? If so, likely the card is OK.

Can the computer see the card if you put it in the camera and connect via USB to the camera? If so, the card reader or the USB connectionis likely to be broken. Try a different device in that USB connection to test.

Can the computer see your current card if you put it in the reader? If so, the card reader is likely to be OK.
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Lexar makes a line of CF cards called jump-shot, [I think] that have a USB controller built into the CF card itself. The jump shot card reader is essentially a dumb cable [maybe has interface level shifters or the like]. These USB enabled CF cards have a separate CF interface in addition to the USB interface, so your problem could be that;

a) the USB interface controller in the card is broke, but the normal CF interface is ok. -- use the camera as the download reader or a standard CF card reader.

b) the CF card that you got off of e-bay is not one of the USB enabled cards -- it must have the USB logo shown on the card label.

c) perhaps wilth the Lexar system you need to have the CF card installed in the jump-shot reader before you plug the reader into the PC -- so that the controller in the CF card can identify itself to XP.

I don't have a Lexar USB jump shot card, so I have no direct experience with it. My comments are stricly conjecture based on what I've read about the Lexar system elsewhere.
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Default Connect it to the back USB port

Try connecting it to the rear USB port and see if that works. If not leave it all hooked up and restart the computer. It may need to load a driver to recognize the new device.
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hi, thanks for the reply's. now, let's see,
1. i mentioned i have used the camera to transfer pictures just
2. i have several Lexar cards, and they are all usb enabled,
and none are showing the pic's.
3. i plugged the card into the reader and the computer recognizes
it as a " Lexar AT A Flash usb device" , but sees no pic's or any
other data on the cards(sounds like the reader cable works if
comp. recognizes and even names the card).
4. used all usb ports with the camera and it transfers pic's, but the
reader < although card is named as stated above > is not
showing pic's.
5. talked to guy i bought the reader from and i know it is not a
Lexar reader. he states it worked fine on his Mac and will not respond to any more questions < i have windows XP, but that shouldn't matter; or does it? > could it be a reader for a mac? but why does windows recognize and name the removeable media?

*things are getting curiouser and curiouser!!!
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Hi tech solution #2:

Can you try the reader on another computer?
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