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Default Sandisk 256MB Ultra II SD card

I'm getting this Card to use in a Digital Camera that has a movie mode ( a Minolta DiMAGE Xg ), I just want the moive mode to work okay really

and I have the option of getting

Sandisk 256MB Ultra II 84.95
Lexar 32x 256MB 79.95
or a Panasonic 256MB SD card 79.95

I was going to go with the Sandisk card as it looks nicer imo and it gos better with the things I wear
though I haven't heard so many great things about Sandisk's cards which leads me to ask what the best way to go is

I'll mostly be useing the card in the Camera to take photos with but I want the cameras video mode to run without a hitch
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I've got a SanDisk Ultra II 256mb card and have had no problems with it, but there are some cards out there that are giving problems (probally a bad batch.)
I use my camera for action shots so I needed a bit more speed out of it, but for movies and general pictures there really is no need to get a faster card as my standard Viking card is just as good.
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Default You can't go wrong with Panasonic or Simpletech PROX

I just tried about 2 minutes of 320X240 30fps on my minolta Xg(same camera) using 128mb delkin devices standard 2 mb/s with no problem. But if you want faster card I think panasonic(only 256mb or more) would be the most guaranteed. It's faster than the lexar 32x and no complaints like the sandisk ultra II in the internet. I'm planning to buy this one too if I have the money. Check the kingmax platinum, it claims to be the fastest card in the world, just released this last month(march). I'm still undecided. One other good card is the simpletech Prox line. I've seen on other forums it has the speed of a panasonic and come with a lifetime warranty.
Between panasonic and simpletech proX you can't go wrong. Find the cheapest one and would you please inform me with the result compared to the sd that comes with the camera in continous shooting. How long it has to wait for fully flushed the images(When the light stop blinking)
Thank you
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hey 1234567890 I ordered the Panasonic 256MB card from Bh for 79.95 with the Xg and tripod for it, it's all I caould afford, NZ dollers going down again

so I should have the card and Camera in a few days
by then You may have already seen how the Panasonic card does, anyhow I'll post my results when I've my package

and whats the download time for images to the computer?
in Steve's review it says the Xg is USB 1.1 but I think i may have read it's 2.0

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