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Default Do I need to worry about speed of sd card for low end camera

I got my teenage son an si pix stylecam dv100 camera. It is a low end camera that does avi files and stills. Does it matter much whether I get a faster sd card since it is a lower end camera? Also how do I know how much video he would get out of a 128 mb card? I don't want to spend much because not sure whether he will like the camera. Thank you for any advice
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I don't know a lot about SD cards, but I do about CF cards.

I would be that it doesn't matter if you get a low end card. It might effect the AVI (if it can't keep up, then it will eventually cause trouble.) But for pictures I would think the low end card would work fine.

I don't know how much would fit on a card, can't help you there.

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Default I don't think you need a fast sd card

For just still camera unless you are doing some rapid/continuous shooting like for sport, which you need the camera need to be always ready even after taking 5 pictures in 2 seconds, you don't really need the fast card. For the avi that depend on the resolution, if it's like 320X240 15 fps you're most likely encounter a problem. Personally, even though my camera can record 320X240 30fps, I never use it, since it's only limited to 5 minutes in 128 MB SD if I fully use it for movie. And even if I used it I don't find any problem with it. Usually it will be a problem after the buffer memory got full. And the avi modes in the low end camera usually are not adequate for a real video taking. So it's just kind of for fun not that useful in regular basis. Although, you might want to check if the camera has any memory buffer on it(memory to temporarily keep the picture so that you can take the next picture before the camera finish writing. If it has no buffer memory, then you might consider faster card if he/she doesn't want to wait 3-4 seconds before taking another picture.
And one other thing, most faster card are 256MB or more, so that put some at least $20 if you buy it on the internet. So my recommendation is to buy a 128MB regular Toshiba(Dana Elec), simpletech, panasonic, Delkin devices SD card that has 30 days money back guarantee.
I'm using 128MB regular Delkin devices, no problem so far and has lifetime warranty. I hope this helps
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