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PlatinumWeaver Apr 4, 2004 10:28 PM

Sandisk CF more expensive than CF Ultra II?

Just checking prices at my local camera store I asked about prices for CompactFlash cards, 512MB variety and was told that an Ultra II 512MB Sandisk card cost $219AU. When I checked the price for a normal 512MB card it was $249...

So $30 extra for a slower card?
Am I confused, shouldn't the price difference be the other way around?

marokero Apr 4, 2004 10:39 PM

It should :roll: I'm not sure how Australian dollars translate into US dollars. (the 512MB Ultra II costs $145 here in the US) They have their prices mixed up... but quick, buy the ultra 2 card, then as you leave the store you tell the sales clerk that :P

PlatinumWeaver Apr 5, 2004 12:58 AM

Went into a different store of the same chain and the price was $299.. so either the sales clerk at the first store couldn't read the pricetag or couldn't speak clearly.. even though I did ask for confirmation.. twice..

Part of me wants to go into the store and demand the cheaper card.. the other part just wants to go to the smaller, more friendly, local store.. buy the D70 at RRP, buy the Card at RRP and then get the $150 off the total price...

PlatinumWeaver Apr 7, 2004 1:16 AM

Sent mum into the original store to enquire about prices. :)

Apparently the price for the Ultra 2 512mb was reduced on monday from $299 to $219 ( Australian Dollars obviously ). This is cheaper than anywhere else I could find. So I have snapped one up. The price for a 1G card is $450.. so it works out cheaper to buy two cards.. but I think I'll start with one, still hoping to find a way to get a 4G Microdrive via a MUVO2...

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