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Hi, Advice please. I have just received aHitachi 4Gb Microdrive to use with a Minolta A1 but when I put it in the camera I get the message UNABLE TO USE CARD is there something I have to do to the drive to make the camera regonise the drive. I don't want to dive in blind & ruin the drive.

Many Thanks.
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I belive that the A1 can only us FAT 16 formatting and could not take advantage of a 4G drive. The max would be a 1GB drive.
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You need disk partitioning tools to format the MD as the A1 cannot use it until it is properly prepared. The MuVo has hidden non-standard partitions that make the A1 think it is unusable.
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A Fat 16 operating system on your camera is capable of using up to a maximum 2 GB microdrive, not a 1 GB drive. Any good 2 GB microdive will probably work, but you need to check the microdrives manufacture's compatibility list before you make your purchase. If you would have done that before purcahasing the 4 GB microdrive, you would have noted that the 4 GB drive was NOT compatible with your camera.
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A1 supports FAT32

The stuff NHL posted is probably the advise you wanted.
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Better yet, Russellnr...

If you can, return the drive and get four 1G Sandisk Ultra II Compact Flash.

They should work out of the box (package).

Just a thought...

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