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I just bought a Coolpix 8700 and already own a nice IBM 1GB Microdrive.So far, my research tells me that the speed of the compactflash card DOES make a difference in this camera, but does not make a difference is some other cameras like the Canon digital rebel. I really want to reduce the lag time between photos and would appreciate some help. I'd even settle for a 512 card. I continue to find conflicting opions. Please help. Thank you.

This following site seems to have the most complete professional writeup on compactflash cards. It even does testing on specific cameras that shows that the same card may be faster on one camera versus another.

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Nikon has been good about supporting the Lexar WA technology in their DSLRs. I don't know if they support it in the 8700, but you should find out. If it does, then get a Lexar 512MB 40x WA card. Its a good card, and it will be fast in that camera if it supports WA. If not, its still a fast card, but maybe not "the fastest" which is what you asked about.

The SanDisk Extreme (what a stupid name) is also a very fast card. It looks to be faster than the WA enabled card in the D100, which supports WA.

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Hi There.
I use the following in my 8700 and it works very well. I believe Steve used it in some of his tests in the past....

It's a Rytek ridata card. I have three 512mb's and so far they have worked flawlessly.

Good Luck
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realize that your 8700 has limited processing and battery power, so there are constraints levied on the transfer/write speed from the camera to the card. this is is the price that is paid for size and cost of the unit. i can say that both sandisk ultra 2 and the lexar pro cards will perform within fractions of each other. in short the cards have a higher capabilty then the camera does.:O

if your research started off withe the enclosed card i would agree that better card are available. they don't throw oin the best available. using an older 1GB MD for a reference is not a good starting point either. their performance in various cameras has been varied to say the least. you will hit a ceiling in xfr rates and i can say with fair certainty that both the sandisk and the lexar high end cards will exceed the camera.

you have to watch which D100 you are referring to. the earlier models needed to have a firmware UG to access the WA capabilities and it was not free. the later models came with it built in. some older lexar WA cards had issues with that firmware UG and they themselves then needed a firmware UG. all my lexar cards were updated and returned to me in a 4 day round trip to lexars home at their cost.

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