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Default viewing pics on a tv

1st time on forum so hope this isn't something so obvious that I missed but am new user of 5700; mother-in-law stopped by today & I really wanted to show her some pics on the camera but can't get it to play on tv. Think I followed all directions precisely with hook up etc & tuning to video channel-tried several times before & after she was here so it's not that I was flustered. Any suggestions please.
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Most TV sets have a Video In on the front or back or both. Plug the video cable (has a yellow end) into the TV's Video In connector and then look on your TV remote for a TV/Video button, press it and turn camera on in Play mode. Your pics should now be on the screen.

If your TV has a Video In on both the front and back you may need to press your TV/Video button twice. Modern TVs will display "Video 1" or "Video 2" on the screen when in this mode.

Forgot the 5700 has both audio and video plugs on the cable, the video is always yellow and audio is white, be sure you plug them into the right connectors on the TV.


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I feel your pain, Marilee! It's not always "intuitively obvious even to the casual observer" how to tell your VCR or TV that you want to use the Video Inputs instead of the normal TV or VCR. Most have a button marked for it as Steve was suggesting, but some others require you to change the channel up or down until you get to a special setting for video (called LINE (?) -- that one got ME one time-- how embarassing!). I don't have a 5700, but on my Olympus all you have to do is select PLAY from a menu to do an automated slideshow on a TV. If you can be more specific with the trouble you are having, I am sure one of us can assist you with your problem.
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Default 5700 PICS ON TV

Thanks so much Steve! Love your forum & have been reading for about one year or so but never posted a query or comment before. It's easy. The TV remote controller tv/video button is what I was missing. The pics look super. Reading as many of the posts over a period of time is like a brief tutorial...thanks to all.
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