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First of all hi to everyone. As you can see I'm new on the board.

I just ordered a Canon G5 and it ships with only one 32Mb CF card. Now I was wundering which CF card would best fit my camera. Does it make sense to buy Sandisk Ultra II or will the normal Sandisk do just fine. I heard you hardly notice the difference with a dSLR, so I guess it doesn't really make sense to buy one the faster sandisk ultra II?


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The SanDisk Ultra II is faster than you need. The camera will not be able to write fast enough to really take advantage of it. It will work, but you'll be wasting money.

The "normal" SanDisk is really slow. They make two varieties a 1x version and a 4x version. I've been told the only way to tell them apart is by the color of some of the text on the card. SanDisk certainly doesn't state any difference between them. (This is one of the reasons I dislike SanDisk... everyone else speed rates their cards, instead they come up with silly names like "Extreme" and "ultra". Which only confuse the buyer... Is it faster than a 40x Lexar? You can't tell by the packaging.)

I would get something in the 12-18x range. That is the sweet spot for most cameras in the G5's class.

As for the comment about the dSLRs. Depending on which dSLR you have, it certainly does make a difference to buy the faster cards. The Canon 10D doesn't show much difference but the higher end Canon cameras and Nikon D70 certainly do. For example, the SanDisk Ultra rates at 3400K/sec, but the SanDisk Ultra II gets 4511K/sec. That is a HUGE difference. And there are slower and faster CF cards than those.

Check out:


You might find it interesting.

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