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I've been using my 128MB CF Card with my Kodak DC3800 camera for quite some time now. I also use this card to caryy data with me using a USB drive. When I used it transfer data I removed all the files/folders from it and dumped them onto another PC as I was falling short of space. Later I copied all the fles back to my card, but when I used it with my camera, it wouldn't reaad from it. The green LED kept on blinking. The camera switches on without the card but won't do so with the card in it.
What could've gone wrong and how can I correct it?
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Could be when you copy/moved files to your computer it somehow changed the file system on the card to FAT32 which is used by modern Windows operating systems. Try putting the card in your USB reader and use Windows to format it. The default format operation uses FAT32 so you need to drop-down the option box in Windows format and select the "FAT" option. This will format the card using the older FAT16 which is what digital cameras use. After format put the card in your camera and if it works then I'd suggest that you now do a format in your camera.

When using a card reader you should always COPY files to your hard drive, don't use the MOVE option. Delete files and format cards only in the camera to avoid problems.
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Steve, You got it but I think you forgot a step...
After reformating FAT on the computer, put the card in the
Camera and use it's reformat option (generally this only
lays down the file structure ) THEN put it back in the
PC and COPY the files over.

OH YEAH - one more tip, sometimes just yanking the card
out of the PC can cause problems, I've always advocated
useing the PC eject command on the card or the system tray
remove device PRIOR to pulling the card. The PC caches the
directories and may not have updated the card if you randomly
yank it, so this makes all the ducks walk in line:!:

Just try to help,

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