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Finally, I have choosen my camera. It will be the Dimage Z3.
But now I have to choose a memory card with a higher capacity than 16 MB.
I saw that there is differences in the transfer speed between the several cards on the market. But I didn't find any official information about this.
Does anybody have an advice ?
I am also wondering if it is better to have 2 cards with 128 MB or one with 256 MB (it is my first digital camera). Does anybody have experience to share about that ?
Thanks in advance for any contributions.
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The smaller (less than 256mb) Secure Digital Cards from all manufacturers are slow (2-3mb/second).

In 256mb and 512mb size, Panasonic and Simpletech standard SD Cards are rated at 10mb/second. Again, their smaller cards are slower.

Secure Digital cards from most other manufacturers in 256mb and 512mb size are still only 2-3mb/second (although there are some exceptions)

With the Z2, Konica-Minolta recommends the use of 10mb/second cards if you are going to take 30fpsmovies at either 320x240 or 640x480. I suspect that they will do the same for the Z3. Otherwise, your movie clip length will be more limited (if you care about movies).

I don't know if shot to shot times are improved with a faster card or not (although your camera's buffer may flush faster after multiple shots in a burst).

Personally, I'd suggest spending a little more, and getting a card that's rated 3 or 4 times as fast in either 256mb or 512mb size (Panasonic or Simpletech). Based on reports I've seen, these cards are also more reliable in some devices. Note that Simpletech cards in these sizes are using the same components as the Panasonic Cards.

In my Konica KD-510z (Minolta G500), the Panasonic Secure Digital card is the only one approved for use in 512mb size by Konica-Minolta. They used to approve the Sandisk SD Cards for my camera in smaller sizes through 128mb (with specific warnings about using the Sandisk 256mb SD Card may cause the camera to malfunction with errors). However, they recentlyremoved all Sandisk SD Cards in all sizes from their list of tested cards for my camera. Note that many other brands of SD use the same components as Sandisk's standard cards. So, I would stick to Panasonic or Simpletech in my camera.

The Z2/Z3 series is probably not as "finnicky" with memory type, since it looks like KM has the Sandisk cards on the Z2's tested cards list (but they are much slower in larger sizes). Personally, I wouldn't trust the slower cards.

Here is the list of tested cards for the Z2 (see note 4 at the bottom about movies).I don't see a list for the Z3 yet:


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Thanks a lot !
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