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I have been told by someone that it is better to use the camera to PC USB interface rather than a USB card reader. The following reasons were cited :

1. Taking the card in and out of the camera involves a risk of accidentally damaging the pins on the camera and the Card.

2. There is higher chance of camera getting damaged by taking the card in and out.

3.Digital camerasare very sensitive instruments and should be handled very cautiously.

Any advice ? What is the impact on camera longevity by taking the card in and out.From other posts it sounds that the transfer rate with a reader is 5-10 times faster vs the direct interface.

I am buying a NIKON Coolpix 8700 and a Sandisk CF ultra II 512 MB. The reader I am looking for is SAKAR CR-70. Does anyone know of any compatibility issues there ?

Thanks in advance,
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Readers can be much faster by taking advantage of USB2 or Firewire connections, however, alot of cameras are USB2 compatable.

I think a lot of people like readers becasue they want a faster xfer, don't want to drain their camera's batteries while offloading pics, or simply don't want to fumble with their camera.

None of these issues bother me, I keep a USB cable plugged into my computer all the time and simply plug the cable to my camera to offload pics.

It is definitely true that the more you handle memory cards, the more they are vulnerable to damage, dirt, and corrosion. This is another reason I don't use a reader, but not a big problem if you decide to use one.These cameras and memory cards are quite robust if you take any care of them.

Bottom line: Use the cable until it annoys you enough to buy a reader, otherwise don't bother.
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