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Is there any way possible you can download pictures from yourhard driveonto your Smart Card
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You may want to define "Smart Card", and give users an idea of what you are trying to do.

Cameras use a wide variety of media types (CompactFlash, SmartMedia, xD Picturecard, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, etc.).

In most cases, when the media is in a camera attached to a PC via USB, it appears as a removable drive. So, you can both read and write to the media.

In some cases, you may need a card reader (depending on how the manufacturer implemented their USB connectivity).

So, if you are only trying to copy files to your media for printing purposes (bringing the card down to someone that has a card reader for it), then this will work fine.

However, if you're trying to copy images to your media so that your camera can see them, you will run into some obstacles (many models will not display images that have been modified, or were not captured by the camera trying to view them). There are ways around this in many cases though (software designed to modify the images so that they are viewable by the camera, etc.).

Now, I would recommend formatting any media you write to in the camera, using it's format menu, prior to using it again for shooting (just to make sure that you didn't corrupt the FAT when performing writes). With most media, a standard 16 bit FAT (FAT16)is used (although FAT32 is supported by some models). But, using the camera versus the PC to do formats is safer IMO.

Most cameras appear as a removable drive (or you can buy a card reader if one doesn't).So the short answer is Yes -- you can write to your cards -- just like you can write to any other drive attached to your PC. Most will show up under "My Computer", and you can create folders, copy files to them, etc.
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