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Default Nikon 885 start up time with larger flash card

Hello, I'm a newbie, if this question's been answered could you pls direct me to the right location:

I recently decided on the Nikon Coolpix 885 (Discontinued, and i believe (atleast for now) a 3 MP camera will do) it comes with a 16MB compact flash card, i decided to purchase a 128 MB sandisk compact flash card and I noticed a BIG difference in start up time and when pictures are taken and saved, would it help if I switched over to a Lexar's 12x 128MB flash card? it's about $40CND more, if there's a noticable difference (subjective) pls comment about this?

I've checked out the section on this website and dp and their flash speed comparisions,the sandisk doesn't have a speed rating except off their website, so I'm not too sure if it's a 4x card already?
hmm, not too sure if this makes sense

thanks for reading


hmm doing a little research after my post
after reading that i'm assuming there wouldn't be much difference in this camera that I'm using but it's normal to see the difference due to the shift from a 16mb card to a 128 mb card?
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It will make a difference to go to the faster Lexar card. The Nikon 775, 885 do some kind of "space remaining" check at startup and between pics so the faster the card the better. It also affects the AF speed if the LCD is -not- turned on.

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hmm, I've only read a few post claiming that the 256 cards acutally load up faster on the 885 than the 64 mb cards, can anyone one coment on this?

another thing i saw on the net but totally lost the link for was a lens cap for i can't remember if it was the olympus 730uz or the 885 it's a tube lens cover replacing the one the one which came with the camera, or any aftermarket lens cap u guys would recommend?

thanks for the help

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Lens cap thread.

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