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Smartmedia "card error" message

I am quite fond of Olympus Digital Cameras and I have had great experiences with using the E10 and C3040 Zoom. Currently considering an e1 System and saying bye to all of the Nikon SLR 35mm. BUT.....it seems that every once in a while somewhere between a Sandisk CF/SM card reader, a Dazzle SM reader, an E10 and the C3040 Windows XP decides to burn the card format. It can be read in XP but not by the camera with the "card error" response. Although I am a seasoned PhotoShop User ...I rarely use Camedia Master and where has SMPrep.exe gone? I know from reading the forum as I am a newmember here,this seems to be a regular problem for an Olympus user. I have had to send a few 128MB and 64MB SM cards back to SanDisk and PNY and wait for them to graciously low level format the cards. Is there a way in XP to prevent this annoying debacle! Is there a commercially available card format program (where's Norton Utilities when you need them!)? Would appreciate some suggestions. Tx.
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I've run into this problem too (as apparently all Olympus users have). I know this is an older thread, but I just ran into the problem again today and I have discovered a fix of sorts by poking around with it.

You don't need smprep and you don't need any kind of reformatting software.

My card reader is built into my antiquated HP Photosmart 1000 printer, so SMPREP won't even run on my system as it does not recognize the printer as a card reader...soooo, I got creative...

Since the printer reads my "dead" cards fine, I started checking the attributes and such of the card. Guess what? I noticed that the attributes for the card and all subfolders was set on "read-only".

The first folder on my cardsis labelled "DCIM". I view properties on that folder, uncheck the "read-only" attribute and click "OK". I then get a prompt on what to do with the action. Select "apply to this folder and all subfolders and files".

Let the reader run, make absolutely sure it has finished the actions. CLOSE Windows explorer, then remove the card. Put it in the camera (you shoud no longer have any errors) and then reformat the card in the camera...voila, good as new.

I did have one card that I had to change the attribute on 2-3 times before it would "take" and I had to insert it in the camera, turn it on (got error), reinsrted and then no more error. Reformatted card in camera and it has worked like new ever since.

The only thing I haven't checked is if the Olympus PAN formatting has been destroyed (or if the camera restores that formatting when you format the card in the camera)...I don't know, but for me it is no issue as I don't use that functionality anyway, but the card does work perfectly fine for taking "regular" pics again.

Hope this helps.
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