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Hi everyone,
Im new to the group. I just got my digital rebel about a week ago. So far I love it. One problem. It came with a San Disk 1 GB compact flash card. One day I was out taking night photos of trains ( My hobby ) and I got back in the car and pressed the button to view my photos and I scrolled through them and got to one that had a question mark and it said corrupted file. Then the camera sorta shut down and on the screen it said Error 02. So it wouldnt even let me upload the photos to the PC that were already on the CF. So I had to Re format the whole card and lost all my photos. After that it worked again for a few days then just tonight it did the same thing again. Im not sure whats going on. If its the CF card or the camera? And is there anyway when it pulls this stuff that I can save the photos that are on the CF card? Thanks guys for any help.

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Hello Ryan. You received a response to this problem in the MSN. Groups forum where the poster said that you wouldn't be able to recover any files once the card was formatted. This is not strictly true. When you delete a file or format the card, all it does is remove the header for that file. Which simply means that the info on the card cannot be read/recognized in the normal way. The files are still there they are just not telling you. There are various programs which can completely wipe your card clean by writing zero's or completely random gobbledegook to it, on the whole card. The same goes for your computer hard drive. The other way to completely clean your card of current data/images, is to take more photos. They would then write over the existing images. You could for example fill your card with pictures, delete them all or format the card, then take enough pictures to half fill the card a second time but the second half of the card will still retain the first lot of images, they haven't been written over. ( Hope I'm explaining this right ! ) Of course another way to lose your images is if the card dies completely.

Now, to the point. Sorry I do not know the cause of your problem or how it can be rectified. If you haven't already I would suggest you ask this question in the Canon forums here at Steve's Forums. As long as you haven't used software to clean the card any files should be recoverable ( unless as I said they haven't been written over ). I would recommend this program, ImageRecall 3, find it here,http://www.flashfixers.com/software/So long as the card is recognized on your computer as a removable disk and has a drive letter assigned to it, this software should do a good job. It can recover the majority of file types and from your hard drives.

One option is to try using another card, it may help you to determine if it's the card or camera. And remember to only format the card in the camera.

Again, sorry I can't help you immediately, but this is for future reference if you encounter another card problem.



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