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I'd like to buy a 512 or 1GB SD memory card for my new Cannon SD500 and am told all cards are not alike. I see info on this site about "cards not marked Ultra or High speed are ~2Mb/s while othersare 8-10Mb/s". Could someone recommend a quality card that will fit my needs:

- want a card that will give best performance allowable by the camera (I guess this shows up in low shot-to-shot time).

- may do occasional movie shots but not a priority (have separate camcorder)

- I think I want a 1GB but not sure if this is capacity overkill, it would be nice not to spend much>$100, if possible.

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price grabber got me this

it is rated at 9 or 10 Mbps

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Thanks! it's on the way.
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I also recently purchased the SD500 and the 512 Sandisk Ultra II recommended in one of these reviews. There is no delay in shooting single, continuous and the motion pictures flow great ... well great for someone new to the digital world. My question is a notch up the ladder. The 1 GB Sandisk Ultra II is rated at 60X. For a few dollars more I can jump to a 1 GB Sandisk Extreme III at 120X. Will the SD500 be able to effectively utilize the additional speed. The Canon Phone Rep indicated that "the SD500 already had a 9 shot buffer, and that the additional speed would be redundant/unnecessary". I don't exactly understand that statement, but it didn't seem logical, so I'm looking for a second opinion. The dollar differenceis not a major consequence. The added reliability advertised for the Extreme would be nice for a person who has a hard enough time getting good shots and definitely doesn't want to loose once in a life time opportunities.But if the camera can't utilized the extra speed, I can find use for the additional dollars in accessories (e.g. a good slave strobe).

I tried this question once before, but being new to the forum, I don't know whether it got posted properly.
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