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So, I'm looking on eBay for some additional compact flash type II storage, as we're going to San Francisco at the end of this month (I want to be able to shoot in 8 Mp, highest JPEG compression with my Nikon 8800). Anyway, I find see these MagicStor drives. They look almost identical to the Hitachi drives I'd been eyeing, except they're green and white in color. It says they're FAT 16 compatible, and format to 2.2 Gb. of storage. Has anyone used these? I see them for $80, I believe, and that seems like a great deal. Any comments are welcome.

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Thanks for the reply, I'll skip a few lunches (Wouldn't hurt the waist line, anyway), and get a Hitachi. Thanks for your help!
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You may want to consider a portable storage device of some kind, too.

There are a number of relatively compact devices on the market with card readers that allow you to transfer your images to them (some have laptop hard disk drives, some have built in CD burners, etc.). Most of these also double as removable storage devices and card readers for your PC (via a USB Connection).

This may be more economical than trying to buy enoughCompactFlash media for your trip.

Personally, I bring an inexpensive laptop along on trips for this purpose (purchased used on Ebay). LOL

P. S.

You can get an idea of the types of portable storage devices available here:


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