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I know that the seagate 5GB microdrive will work in my digi cam but i also have an ipaq 2210 with flash card slot :shock:

does anyone know if it is worth me buying a rio/ipod mini or zen micro and decimating it for use in either of my ipaq or digicam or just biting the bullet and sticking my hand in my pocket and fork out the full price for a over the counter one

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I've been in the same boat for a while now as well but have decided to get a real CFII microdrive instead of chancing the mp3 player solution for a couple of reasons. Around here the cheapest 5gb microdrive based MP3 player I have been able to find runs around the $300cdn mark but recently a local computer store started to carry the newer versions of Hitachi's microdrives for whats really a very reasonable price:

2gb version:$169.95cdn

4gb version:$249.95cdn

6gb version:$339.95cdn

Seeing that the cheapest I have found any 5gb mp3 players for locally has been about $250cdn when they are on sale, and not knowing for sure if the hdd inside will actually work with my E-1 I think latter on this spring when I go looking for a large card for storage on my 2 week B.C. road trip i'll pick up eithera 4 or 6gb microdrive so that if I have an issue I can return it without issues.

I know with both Seagate and soon Western Digital producing Microdrives, Hitachi has really had to lower their pricing on the units.
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