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Golfer, sorry to hear you are having 'problems' with your P-2000. Perhaps Gazelle2 or anyone else with the same unit will pop in and put your mind at rest.

Just a couple of points to consider though. A lot of USB devices are plug and play, not requiring drivers or software. Though some come with software to assist or enhance their use. So your unit should have been recognized as a mass storage device by Windows.

Don't forget about 'file association' that we have discussed before. When you have the unit plugged in and ready to go, look in My Computer and locate the P-2000, right click on it's icon, click on Autoplay, from the menu select 'Copy pictures to a folder on my computer using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard', then check the box that says 'Always do the selected action'. Click OK and a box should appear awaiting your instructions, and should subsequently appear after you next plug the unit in.

If you have tried this, sorry for going on, let us know.


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:?Troutguy, I like the idea of wine and crackers deliver better.
Stevekin: you are right, that is the process I found to use for downloading. It amazes me how well you know computers [ and you don't even have the unit to work with]
I was not trying to indicate the unit will not work. I was disapointed it did not come with a better interface for the price.
Darrel, the download from the CF card is pretty quick as well as to the computer. Guess I am lazy and don't like looking for files to download.
Perhaps my disposition will sweeten up as I use the unit.
Troutguy, I actuall bought this kind of in leiu of additional CF cards. My plan is to use 2 or 3 1G cards and store the media on the P2000.
The battey problem is solved as they can be removed easily. Just have to buy a 2nd battery.
Thanks you guys for your help, will update as time goes on.
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OK Gary, I was just thinking I could maybe "loan" you a couple gigs but you would have to promise not to dunk 'em in the Buffalo:shock::G Could also spot you an extra battery too!!

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