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Hello, I have just purchased the Nikon 7900 and need to buy a SD card. I had an older Sony digital camera which took a memory stick so I am not familiar with the SD cards (AT ALL). When I went to get one my head started spinning, there is sereral different brands and different SD cards such as ultra, ultra II, high speed and so on. What does all that mean? And does the brand matter? There was everything from a Kodak to a Lexar and plenty in between. Does the picture quality have anything to do with what brand or type card you have? Will the type card you use make the wait in between taking pictures any faster? What works best with the Nikon 7900? PLEASE HELP!
Thank you in advance, jvan
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The card type should not impact the photo quality (unless you get a corrupted file because of a bad or incompatible card, in which case the file is usually not readable).

I'd probably buy a faster card, just to be on the safe side (so that if the camera can take advantage of a faster card, you'll get better response from a cycle time between photos perpective, etc.).

If it can take advantage of a faster card, you'll notice it mostly when taking a lot of photos in a row. Most models have a limited amount of internal memory for buffering shots, so once it gets full, it takes time to flush to media (making you wait if you want to take more photos). Faster cards can speed up this process. Movie modes (if you use that kind of thing), can also work better with faster cards (allowing longer movie lengths before a pause, etc.).

But, I don't know for sure if the Nikon 7900 will take advantage of faster cards (I have not seen any tests of this model for speed to media). Sometimes the speed of the interface to cards is slower than the speed of the cards (in other words, you have diminishing returns as you go with faster cards, because the hardware in the camera isn't fast enough).

Given the small difference in price between standard and high speed cards, I'd tend to go with a faster (i.e., 60x, 66x) type card, in case the camera's interface to cardsis fast enough to take advantage of them.

It's very doubtful that it would take advantage of the very fastest cards (i.e., the new 133x SD Cards like the SandiskExtreme III or Panasonic Pro Series which are rated at 20mb/second since 1x = 150kb/second).

But, I would probably get a 60or 66x type card (9 - 10mb/second) if budget permits -- just in case it can use the extra speed.

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Thank you for you reply. I will go with a faster card. All this digial stuff is still new to me (I am behind times) and I am trying to figure things out, so your help is very much appreciated!
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