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Card works fine in the SD slot in my computer, but the camera gives me a 'memory card error'. After a few seconds of trying to format the card, the camera gives up and goes back to asking if I want to format the card.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I saved a few bucks by getting what I'm nowconsidering a 'no-name' card, but their website had an impressive list of devices successfully tested with their card... maybe they don't list those that don't work.
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Did you format the card with Windows XP using the defaults?

If so, it may have made it incompatible with the camera since Windows XP willuse a 32 bit FAT by default with many card sizes.

Most cameras expect FAT16 (which Windows XP refers to as FAT).

I don't know if your model supports a 32bit FAT or not. It might, since it's a new model,so this may not be the issue. It may just be an incompatible card.

You can try reformatting with your PC to see if that works, making sure to select FAT (which is FAT16)as the File System type. But, I have seen users say that they couldn't get cards to work right again, once they made the mistake of formatting them another way.

Panasonic also makes a utility known as their SD Formatter. But, it looks like the link to it is no longer valid. I can e-mail you a copy if you wish (just send me a PM with thee-mail address you want me to send it to).

If that doesn't work, you may want to try formatting the card with a different camera model (or an older version of Windows).

If all else fails, I'd see if the card manufacturer will swap it out for you.


I foundthe Panasonic SD Formatter utility (it's been moved, but I figured it out by clicking on a lot of Japanese on the rewritten pages for it). ;-)


I also found a FAQ page about it in English:


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Thanks for all your suggestions Jim. I tried them, but still couldn't get the camera to read the card. I have to assume its just not compatible with the FZ-5- even after formatting to the required FAT 16 (FAT). As a note, this camera requires FAT 12 or 16.

I'm not gonna waste any more time on it - I'll keep the card to back up/transfer computer files, and buy a brand that is compatible (SanDisk Ultra II seems like a good choice)
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