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I've been using my HP PSC-2210's built-in card reader to transfer photos from my CF card. My PC has the HP Image Director software that detects when a CF card is plugged into the CF slot. It then automatically downloads the photos and places them in the appropriate folders. Photos taken in March, will be placed in the March folder, photos taken in April will be automatically placed in the April folder, etc.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Now, I just purchased a much faster external USB 2.0 card reader cuz the HP only does USB 1.1 speed. I know for a fact, that I the HP Image Director will not work with my new card reader. Is there any software out there that will do what the HP software did for me?
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problem is, how you gonna find any photos going back one or two yrs under this automatic system??

I have one folder for each year, inside I have 12 folders for each month and inside each of these month folders I have folders named to indicate what is inside

suppose I made 10 pics of how mushroom grows and next day I shot movies of my mom cooking... then I would put those 10 pics into folder named '2005 05 17 mushroom growing' and the movies I would put into '2005 05 18 my mom cooking'

no automatic way will do that for you and this is one way how to ever be able to find anything later on among your thousands of photos - unles you are seasonal like squirel for example and you know that if it is september, it is all'nut gathering' pics and you don't need to label anything but just put dates on it

they have to be sorted thematically, else it is just dump, the question is which software is the best for such categorizing, can someone tell me??

I have been so far using canon EZbrowser EX or what is it called and I feel if I use it much longer I will have to strangle the )(*&amp(*heads responsible for that programing abortion that that program patentlyis


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Alpine Man, I am pretty much in the same boat as you, except my "auto" reader is in an Epson printer. I got a recommendation on another board to check out Chris Breeze's Downloader software. I have looked at it and my early opinion is that it is great...and I am going to get it.

Check the link:


Let me know what you think.

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