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I recently purchased a Tekq 1gb SD Card for holding musicon my PDA (Palm T5). It works perfectly, however, I am unable to fill the card.

When transferring files onto the card (either by hotsync or through an external card reader), I am told that I am unable to transfer certain files.I initially thought that it was due to corrupted files, however after further investigation, I have come to the conclusion that it is an issue of space.

I have currently filled 560mb, with 412mb remaining, and am unable to transfer anymore files onto the card. I thought maybe the card was partitioned or something like that, mind you, I have no idea.

Has anyone experienced this before? And is there a simple solution? Or am I looking at a defective card?

I have very very limited knowledge of these things and would appreciate any suggestions.

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I'm not sure how much help you'll find here (i.e., you may have better luck on a forum with lots ofPalm T5 users).

As a general rule, when a card doesn't work correctly in a camera, you format the card with the camera's menus. Most cameras use a 16 bit FAT (File Allocation Table). Although some cameras can use cards formatted with a 32 bit FAT (required for card sizes over 2GB). So, with Windows, you need to specify FAT (which is really FAT16) when formatting cards for most cameras. Otherwise, you'll end up with an incompatible format. Formatting a card via the camera's menu system (versus using a PC) is generally a safer and better bet for insuring compatibility

Given that your T5 is not a camera, I don't know what types of File Allocation Tables itsupports. But, I'd probably try formatting it with your T5 to see if the problem goes away.

If not, it could be a compability problem between this particular card and your T5 (or it could be something else entirely).

Are you getting some kind of disk full error when you try to copy files to the remaing space on the card (IOW, why do you think it's a space problem)? Are you sure the files you're copying to the card are not larger than the card's remaining space?

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