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Ive got a question about different brands of memory.

I currently have a kodak dx7630 with a dane-elec 512mb sd card, its a 6.1mp camera.

Before I upgraded in janruary, I had a kodak DX4530 with a 256mb sandisk, it was a 5mp camera.

My question is, dose the quality of the memory card effect the quality of the photos like a film?

I know that the sandisk card was probably better quality, as I took much sharper pictures with the DX4530.....Is there any difference in quality of the cards or am I just being picky?:?

Any advice appreciated, thanks!
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No, it should not impact the quality of the images. They are stored in a Digital Format (1's and 0's), anderror detection/correctionalgorithms in a camera should warn you of any memory card faults, just as storing the images on different types of hard disk drives should not alter the images.

Now, I have seen a case of Memory Card brand impacting photos. Interestingly, this was a Kodak model, and the problem occured using a Sandisk 256mb SD card (corrupted images but still viewable). Changing to a different brand of SD card (Panasonic in this case)solved the problem.

Chances are, the original Sandisk card was just defective (this happens from time to time).

IOW,the card you choose should not make a difference in your image quality. But, you will probably see a small speed increase by sticking with a faster card (i.e., 60-66x type cards).

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