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I, think not, becouse of it large buffer of 18 frames. I rearely do sports photography.

As I understand the speed depends at first on 18 frames buffer, and only after it's full I start to feel the memory card speed.

Please advise.

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Buffer depth is really going to depend on several factors, including the speed of the card (since the buffer is clearing at the same time you're shooting so it won't fill up as fast with a faster card), content of the images, and whetheryou're shooting JPEG or RAW.

Stevehas some comparisons in the Conclusion Section of this model's review here (comparing a newer 80xcard with an older 12x card):


CompactFlash media is relatively inexpensive now.

In some cases, you may end up having to pay more money for a slower card compared to a faster card (just because the faster cards are newer, with decreasing manufacturing costs astechnology advances).

I'd personally go for the fast card. What happens if you decide to take photos at a friend's wedding shooting in RAW versus JPEG, and you want to make sure you've got enough shots to capture the moment? You get to the kiss and the camera's busy writing theprevious photos to media and you miss it due to slower cycle times when the buffer is full?

Read time from media (transferring photos you took to a computer) is also faster with a faster card.

Yea --- many users that don't need the extra speed are probably getting spoiledwith the capabilities of newer models. But, from my perspective, I wouldn't purchase a card that would be bottleneck in it, because you never know when you may need the extra speed (and the cost difference is minimal now).

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Thanks , I'l go with Sandisk Ultra II 1 Gig card.
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