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So I just got done hanging out with some friends, and of course I took alot of pictures. So, I took some more pictures at my house. After I was done, I shut off my camera, took the memory card out. I previewed the pictures before hand, and it was fine.

So, I took the memory card and inserted it into my parents HP computer that has a slot for it. (I lost my USB Cable for the camera) So, as I put it in, it wont read it because no detection is made. Ok, so I think the computer is messed up.

I then put the card back in the camera, and it says "Card Error" I cant preview pics, upload pics, or do anything. Can anyone tell me a way to fix this, or at least get my pictures back. Please

EDIT- Also, I never had any problem before. My camera is a Fuji S3000. I had the cards for about a year. (I have two other cards, that work fine in the camera). Is there a place I can take it to so they can recover the pictures? Or any help would be appreciated.

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Rebel2K5 This might help answer your question I just purchased an Olympus 770 uz been using it for about 4weeks well last week I bought a card reader all is well then sunday past I took some pictures off the camera reinserted xd card and got the same error so i messed with it could not get it to work soI took it went to our local camera store showed the clerk and told him, Long story shortened DO NOT!! delete pictures from card reader after downloading reinsert back into the camera and then delete either sigle freme or reformat card deleting from the reader will cause the card damage as it thinks it still in computer cost me 70 bucks cdn. for a new 256mg card. lesson learned. hope this helps.

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It must depend on the camera make, etc. I transfer my pictures all the time with the built-in reader on my computer. I always select delete after transfer and never had a problem. What you don't want to do is "Close the drive" or "allow disk removal". I get this message from XP but don't use it.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Once the card is formated in the camera, you should be able to read, write & delete with the software that came with the camera. If you're using the universal OS software, it's best to delete the pictures on camera as stated before.

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