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Hi All,

I recently discovered this site while researching digital cameras, and I love it. Great info here! Now, on to my question...

Yesterday I purchased a Kodak EasyShare DX7440, based largely upon reviews I read here and other places. For removable storage, I bought a SanDisk Ultra II 1.0 GB SD card. The review on this site shows the camera with a SanDiskExtreme 512 MB card, and states it was tested with that card.

I am concerned because in the camera's manual it states that they "do not guarantee compatibility with high speed cards", specifically mentioning "Ultra II" as an example. Adding to my unease is the fact that I read reviews ofa SanDisk 256 MB SD card on another site (not an Ultra II). Afair number of reviewers reported their cards developed compatibility issues and became unreadable by their cameras after varying periods of use. These folks were very unhappy about losing pictures due to sudden card failure. They mentioned a variety of camera brands,and one reviewer had a Kodak EasyShare DX6340. I have not openedmy card'spackaging yet, so I can easily return/exchange it if the facts warrant that.

So my specific questions are:

1)Should I be concerned about compatibility problemsbetween my camera and SanDisk Ultra II SD cards, or is Kodak just covering its butt with that diclaimer?

2) I expect to use my camera mostly for snapshots and scenery; I might play around with burst and video options, but don't expect to use them that much. For my purposes, should I bother with the Ultra II or would a standard SD card be fine?

3) Do SanDisk cards have a history of problems in general? Do they have a reputation better or worse than other commonly available brands?

4) Are you aware of any relationship betweenSD card reliability issuesand card capacity? E.g. dolarger cards tend to have more problems?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Gak! I hate when I misspell stuff. COMPATIBILITY! :lol:

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Update: I just did more digging, and I think I found my answer in the Kodak forum.


Seems like the EasyShare cameras are not designed to take advantage of high speed cards, so to minimize compatibility issues and save money I think I'll return my Ultra II and get a standard SD card.

I would still welcome any comments on the subject, or answers to my other general questions about SanDisk and SD cards.

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