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Im quite new to cameras and recently bought a casio s500. Im looking to get a nice big sd card but i dont quite understand how everything works!

There is this high speed 20mb/s panasonic 1gb sd card but its pricey and costs over 70pounds. On the other hand, I saw a 1gb sd card from some unknown maker and it said 7mb/s and costs about 35 pounds.

What id like to know is whether the panasonic will have a much more noticeable performance increase than the slower one. I only take photos and the odd video now and then, but nothing much more than that. Is it worth spending money on the expensive one or will the slower one suffice?

Can anyone give me some advice?

Thanks a lot!!
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I can guarantee you don't need 20Mb/sec. If 7Mb/sec is an honest speed it should be plenty. It is probably 7Mb/sec read and 6Mb/sec write or something in that range. The read is usually a little faster than the write, and it is the write you are interested in for shooting.

Casio says you can drop frames in the movies if the card is too slow. But that doesn't happen until you get down in the 2Mb/sec range from what I have read. 7Mb/sec should be rated at 40X, and someone reported on another thread they got a 40X card for their Z750 and it works fine. Same 640X480 at 30fps MPEG4 as the S500.

I don't have any idea what you will actually get from a no-name card. It might be a gamble, but if they are honestly reporting the transfer rate it should be plenty.

You might want to research back through the threads on the Casio board to see what others have experienced.

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Thank u very much for the kind reply!

Ill check the casio threads as u suggested, but i think ill go with your suggestion and go with the 7mb per second card, cos it is cheaper and i probably wont notice any difference with the panasonic one!

Again, cheers for the help!
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