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Hi, having ordered my new FZ20 and various other bits and bobs, I am looking at getting a 1GB fast SD card. The camera comes with a 512mb card, but because it is a free gift, it will obviously be a bog standard slow card.




I have found a few good value 66x or 80x sd cards, and am looking at the Transcend one.

Does anyone have any experience of this card - any problems? I will be going to the Galapagos in about 6 weeks time, and figure that one 1GB and one 512MB cards should give me another space for a week. However, if the 1gb card fails on me, I would be in an unfortunate predicament - 512mb won't keep a "trigger happy" wildlife photographer going for long.



P.S. Is it worth spending an extra £40 for a Ultra 133x card? i don't plan on doing a lot of "burst photography", but it might be nice to shoot 8 or 10 shots in succession

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See my previous messages, I like Transcend SD and CF cards too. In my opinion this brand is better than Sandisk.


You can choose from there.

But I don't know whether they offer international order.
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I've only just got back from my hols, but I have been using a Transcend 80x 2Gb CF card in my Canon 350D.

It has been brilliant and I can really notice the difference on continuous shooting with this card over my 1GB Microdrive and my 256Mb "normal speed" Transcend card.

With the 80x Transcend I can shoot without filling the camera buffer at highest quality JPEG!

I have always used a company called Orcalogic for my Transcend stuff. (A quick Google for that name will bring up their web address)
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80x is overkill for the FZ20. anything over about 45x is wasted, since the camera only writes at about 5MB/sec (most "standard" speed cards have read/write rates of about 2MB, so the camera has to stop and wait between shots). i have2 Kingmax 60x 512MB cards which i got from Newegg.com for under $40 USD, and both work flawlessly in my FZ20. i can use continuous mode with no interruptions until my finger gets tired (or the card getsfull), and burst mode is no problem at all. righ now you can get the 512 card for about $33 USD, and a 1GB card for a little over $75 USD.
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Even if 80X is overkill, it may not be the last camera you use the card in. At NewEgg, the difference between a 45X and a 80X 1GB SD card is something like $10-15. I know the question and answer was for the FZ20, but you may upgrade to something faster.
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