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Does anyone have any experience with PNY brand SD cards? I saw what I thought was a pretty good price this week on a 512 Mb SD card. I don't think it's too fast, because they advertize their high speed cards as 5mb/sec., but I thought it might be a nice backup card. They claim to have a lifetme warranty on their cards, and I have used their SIMM memory chips in desktops with no problems. Has anybody had any good luck/bad luck with PNY cards? Thanks.
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I've used a PNY 256MB card in both my camera (Minolta DiMage Z1) and my PDA (Tapwave Zodiac), and haven't had any problems. It's made by Toshiba and benchmarks pretty slow in "write" operations, but "read" speed is OK. (As it's in the PDA now, "read" speed is what matters.)
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ihave an FZ20, and use Kingmax Platinum 512MB cards. These are 60x cards that can be had forunder $30 from http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820155257. you can also get the Kingmax Platinum in 1GB for under $60, but i prefer to keep two 512's in case one gets damaged or lost. performance with these cardsis excellent, and you can't beat the price. don't waste the money on a Sandisk or Lexar orPanasonic card-they don't work any better or last any longer, they just cost more.

it actually IS worth it to get high-speed memory (45-60x) for the FZ-series cameras, because the camera transfer rate is faster than most "standard" speed SD cards can handle, and the camerawill stop every few frames to wait for the memory card if you try to shoot much in continuous or burst modes. most standard cards only read/write at about 2MB/sec, but the FZ's transfer rate is closer to 5MB/sec. the Kingmax 60x cards run at up to 9MB/sec, and will take data as fast as your camera can write it, so there's no pausing or stopping while the camera writes to the memory card. plus, the high-speed cards are much quicker to download to your PC, or clear when you want to erase them.
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