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I am planning to buy a new Compact Flash 512Mb for my A95. But should I consider the rapid one's ? Does a rapid CF (like 40x or 80x) has any benefitting effect on the performance of the camera?

I have read that the actual bottleneck is in the processor and the transfer system of the data to the CF and therefore, one should not expect any difference regarding the CF type.

What is the opinion of this forum?

Thanks, Yoel
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It probably would not make much (if any) difference using a fast CompactFlash Card in this model.

In most consumer models, you get diminishing returns by using a faster card.

In other words, you may see a very slight difference going from a 12x to a 40x or 80x card. Yet, you won't see a big difference like you'd expect if the camera's interface to media was very fast (as in some of the newer DSLR models which can write to media at dramatically faster speeds compared to a model like the A95).

But, there's not much price difference between slower and faster cards anymore. So, you may be able to get a fast card for around the same price as a slow one (Sandisk Ultra II, etc.). Then, you'd have a faster card if you bought another camera later, or wanted faster transfer times from a card reader.

Then again, by the time you get ready to upgrade to a new camera, you'll probably want a larger and faster card. So, I'd probably look for the best "bang for the buck (megabytes/dollar) for your A95, provided it's from a major manufacturer like Sandisk, Lexar, etc. You may also want to price the 1GB cards (they've come down in price some lately).

In smaller cards, Slipe (one of our forum members here) noticed that Office Max had a sale on Lexar 256mb cards last week ($10 with a $10 rebate). But, the sale is now over (so two of the 256mb cards would be another option if you can find one at a good price like that from a reputable vendor).

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Thanks Jim for your answer. I though the same, but wanted to have other people's confirmation.
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For a camera like an A95 you could probably easily afford a 512 mb or 1 gig card.

They are pretty cheap these days.

I'd suggest going out and getting a cheapo on sale like a Kingston.

I have a Canon 20D ($1400 camera) and I use the cheapest 1 gig card I can find and I'm happy as a clam!

-- Terry
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