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Default SmartMedia Voltage Question

Hello all, been using Steve's stie to educate myself on the finer points of digital cameras. A friend has given me the unlimited use of his Olympus D-360L since he says he has no interest in using it. I know the unit uses SmartMedia cards that are speced at 3.3V so I went to my local Wolf Camera to see how much the SmartMedia cost since the Media that came with the Camera is only 8mb. Problem is that I found several SmartMedia cards but couldn't tell from the packaging or labelling whether they are the 3.3V type (the ones I need) or the 5V type, which apparently won't work in my camera. The Wolf sales people were no help, which was actually a surprise since they usually know what they're doing. They had never heard of different V types. Are 5 V less common than 3.3 V? How can I find out? :shock:
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I have never heard of SM cards rated at anything other than 3.3V, infact I don't think there is any such thing in the consumer market (although I am willing to be proved wrong here).

You can be sure that any SM card that you pick up in a store will work with your camera. If in doubt, take the camera with you and ask if you can try the card before you buy it, this will put your mind at rest.
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Eddie J & Stimpy

Stimpy is right, there's an older SM type with 5V rail (limited to smaller sizes)... You can tell them apart by the location of the corner that is clipped off. ie this key will prevent the wrong media from going into the wrong slot 8) http://www.ssfdc.or.jp/english/common/f_spec.htm

Q There seem to be two different types of SmartMedia™ , with 5V and 3.3V specifications respectively. How can they be distinguished?
A When the golden terminal on the card is faced upward, the 5V card has a notch on its upper left, while the 3.3V type has one on its upper right. Capacity is indicated on this plastic card, followed by the operating voltage.

Q How much compatibility is there between the 3.3V and 5V types? Can the 5V SmartMedia™ run on equipment designed for 3.3V?
A Some equipment supports only the 3.3V SmartMedia™, some the 5V type only, and some both types. Be sure to choose the correct type of SmartMedia™ for your equipment. In general, the 5V SmartMedia™ does not fit into equipment running on 3.3V specifications.
Almost all of today COTS SM cards are +3V. The exceptions are OEM cards included with older cameras that are sold as discontinued and on auctions. Also the larger cards @ least 32M and above only come in 3V!

BTW it looks like good news for the SM users, since this site just got revamped, and this FAQ added (making Fuji and Oly's xD defection irrelevant):
Q SmartMedia™ seems likely to be used in a wide variety of fields in the future. What kind of supply system is available for these products?
A A supply system is secured because mutually compatible SmartMedia™ cards are produced by Toshiba and Samsung Electronics.
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