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This is for the new Panasonic FZ-30 .. Was wondering about a good place online to purchase one. ( Sandisk ultra II or lexar, kingston.. also is it adventagous to get say (2) 512 mbs vrs. a 1g. card or ?? Just thinking if I had a problem with one card I would have a backup..... Thank You!!!!!
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Just google any of the companies you listed and you should get plenty of good prices. Newegg and buydig are two of the best. Just be sure to check http://www.resellerratings.comto make sure the vendor you choose is reputable. Also, don't be afraid to try Ebay...there are a lot of good deals..again just make sure your seller has solid feedback.

In terms of what brand to buy, I would stick with known vendors...you mention Sandisk, lexar and kingston, all of which are good brands.

Regardless of what size card you buy, you should buy a 2nd as a backup. If you shoot alot of video with your cam, then I would opt for a 1 gig card, and perhaps a 512 or even 256 as a backup. If video isn't a concern, then 2 512's should suffice. Memory is cheap, and getting cheaper every day, so I wouldn't sweat the decision all that much:!:
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I would say a 1 gig card is a reasonable purchase.

I've seen cheap 1 gig cards for $50-70.

I don't buy into the hype of paying extra for a fast card. I bought my Kingston cheapie 1 gig compact flash for $60 which was a great deal six months ago. I'm sure they are cheaper now.

Most of the time the camera is "buffering" shots in its memory so card speed won't make much of a difference.

The main difference in card speed is when you unload your pictures to your computer. A slower card gives up it's images a little slower. Go have a cup of tea and don't worry about it.

Make sure you have USB 2.0 ports on your computer, as unloading 100's of images over a USB 1.0 port is very slow indeed. If you don't have USB 2.0 ports, usually you can buy PCI card to stick in the back of your computer for about $20-30 that should give you four or five USB 2.0 ports.

-- Terry
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i have an FZ20, and use Kingmax Platinum 512MB cards. These are 60x cards that can be had forunder $30 from http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820155257. you can also get the Kingmax Platinum in 1GB for under $60, but i prefer to keep two 512's for just the reason you mentioned. performance with these cardsis excellent, and you can't beat the price. don't waste the money on a Sandisk or Lexar, they don't work any better or last any longer - they just cost more.

it actually IS worth it to get high-speed memory (45-60x) for the FZ-series cameras, because the camera transfer rate is faster than most "standard" speed SD cards can handle, and the camerawill stop every few frames to wait for the memory card if you try to shoot much in continuous or burst modes. most standard cards only read/write at about 2MB/sec, but the FZ's transfer rate is closer to 5MB/sec. the Kingmax 60x cards run at up to 9MB/sec, and will take data as fast as your camera can write it, so there's no pausing or stopping while the camera writes to the memory card. plus, the high-speed cards are much quicker to download to your PC, or clear when you want to erase them.
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