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I have always noticed this particular behavior when transferring images from a CF card via USB 2.0 card reader (non in particular), using the Windows scanner/camera wizard. The first 10-15 images transfer quickly one after the other. After that 10-15 there is a long pause between the remaining downloads on the card. Can anyone shed some light on this? Possibly a setting that can be changed?

I thought it was just me but I have witnessed it on several computers. There are three commons on all the computers... Windows XP of course, USB 2.0 card readers (with USB 2.0 ports on computer), and 10d or 20d images being transferred.
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There is the possibility that the hard drive buffer is filling. If you have an 8Mb buffer it wouldn't fill after only 8Mb has been transferred because it would still be writing to the hard drive. But at some point it might catch up and slow. Maybe a diagnostic program like Sandra would show that.
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I'd tend to agree with Slipe on the buffer filling up.

But, it's more likely the RAM in the PC (which is acting as cache/buffer), versus the hard disk cache.

If the operating system isn't writing to the hard drive as fast as the RAM is filling up from reading the USB attached reader, then it would slow down at that point.

Does the same thing happen if you don't use the Windows scanner/camera wizard (in case Windows gives some processes ahigher priority)?

I never use it for transferring images, so I haven't paid any attention to any "quirks' with it (Iset the properties for external readers so that no action is taken when Windows sees new media, and I just copy the files).

If you're using any kind of virus protectoin protects, it may also be trying to scan your images as they are being transferred, slowing down after RAM fills up.

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