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Default High Speed Reader Question from Newbie

Hello All--

I am a new Digital Camera owner. I have found a lot of good advice by reading past posts and replies and have now decided to register and ask a few questions in addition to thanking many of you for information. I felt very confident buying my first camera after reading reviews and getting advice from these boards. Thank you.

I just bought a Canon G2. I have 2 CF cards and have a 1GB Microdirve on the way. I am looking for a high speed reader, either USB 2.0 or Firewire. Can any one make a recommendation ?

Thank you
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I think if I had a USB 2 port on my computer I'd go with a USB 2 reader. I use a firewire reader but the Sandisk USB 2 reader from Steve's review seems to be a tad faster.
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And it's only $50 too! Definitely one of my favorite readers:


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I just got one of these SanDisk 6-in-1 USB2.0 readers. I hooked it to my desktop PC (a Dell 8250 with USB 2.0 ports) running XP and it works great with the Toshiba 16MB SecureDigital card that came with my Minolta Dimage F100. However, when I insert either of the two SanDisk 128MB cards I have, all of the removable disk drives disappear from my desktop like I disconnected the reader.

I tried it with my laptop (a Toshiba Tecra 8100 running Win2000) and it works just fine reading the 128MB cards.

Any ideas on why my desktop PC can't read these 128MB SD cards? Is it something to do with XP vs 2000?

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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I posed this same question to SanDisk's Tech Support and got an answer from them yesterday. It turns out that the problem was being caused by Norton Antivirus. Here's what they sent me:

"Do you have Norton Antivirus installed on your computer? This could be caused by that software. If you do, please try the following:

Open Norton Anti Virus
Click on the Options button
On the left hand side under SYSTEM
Then Click on Advanced below it
Uncheck Scan all removable media for boot viruses every time it is mounted
Click OK
Close the Norton's window and reboot
Your SD slot should now work properly"

I followed these instructions and it worked! I have no idea why it would have only effected the 128MB SD cards and not my 16MB, but I can't argue with the results!
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The format header put on the card by the cam is different for 16 & 128 cards. Norton expects the card to look like a standard disc format but sees non-standard data in the cards boot sector, put there by the cam, which it thinks is a Virus!

So what you have done is stop Norton from including cards in the virus check - which is OK if only your cam is writing files to the card.
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