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Can you elaborate on the "do not work above 10000 feet" part?
I want to take my D7i thru the himalayas (up to 16-17000 ft)....
so i better get more flash cards or take my old film SLR ????


Originally Posted by steve
Microdrives do not make much, if any, noise.
Power consumption is a factor but the the G2 has a pretty hefty battery so I don't think it will bother you much.
Never have all your eggs in one basket (or memory device)!

Microdrives -are- tiny hard drives and as such they are prone to mechanical failure and damage from excessive shock forces. They also do not work well (if at all) above 10,000 feet in altitude.

Bear in mind that there are lots of 512MB flash cards for sale on eBay these days for just $149-175. Ridata, Dane Electric and Samsung are all good 3rd-party brands of CF cards.

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The Microdrive R/W head floats on air under the high spinning speed of the platter. This air is thinner at higher altitude hence the problem, unlike regular hardisk, the MD has a venting hole. Flash cards will be your better bet here since they can now be bought @ the same price even though they are slower than the MD. For jpeg pictures it should be fine:
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