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Default Kanguru Media Exchange

I recently purchased a K Media Exchange and have been experimenting wih it before I take it in the field. So far, when I can get it to work, it works well. The first thing that I seem to have trouble with is Win 98SE recognizing it. It seems that each time I want to use the unit, I have to load the disk driver, then reboot and hope for the best. The next time I re boot the drivers are not recognized. The manual gives some sort of mumbo jumbo about adding files somewhere, but even with my long computer experience don't have a clue.
When it does work, it will recognize flash cards just like a SanDisk thru the USB port.
I had purchased the unit to replace my CLIK unit. The lure of 20GB on the run seemed worth it. The unit will store the contents as required. The only indication is a series of flashing leds that quit when the contents have been copied to the internal hard drive.
Trying to get any help out of Interactive Media Corp is tedious. They will not give informative tech answers through e mail. You have to call them up. I'm saving that up until I really get frustrated.
The short term rechargable battery use worries me. The battery is a flat, 6" long by almost 1/4" x 1 1/4" cell of undetermined type. They don't give you any specs on the contents. All items related to the Media Exchange have to be replaced by them. Battery, cables, power supplies etc.
The AC recharger is a wall wart that produces 12 volts with 1.5 A the DC plug for the unit to re charge is nothing more than the same plug off a cell phone recharger with the center being positive hot. Not wanting to be too adventurious with a $300 buck unit, I asked if I could use the car recharger. They said no. There was no car cord available. All cords had to come from them. Guys....I need a car cord. Why won't a common 12 volt center hot cord and plug work? Where I go to take pictures is in the desert. I can do a couple of other things like run a generator, or use a battery converter. But why no lighter cord? One thing I can understand, don't plug the unit in while starting the car. It can cause spikes.
Can any one help me on this?
Donn [email protected]
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As for the connection problems ... as has been pointed out in other messages here - antivirus programs like Norton can cause problems with removable drive devices - check the options for your antivirus program or try disabling it while using the external drive or card reader.

As for the 12V DC power cord ... just go to Radio Shack and get a cigarette lighter plug with the right size diameter coaxial power plug on the other end. 99% of all devices use center positive so be sure this is the way the cord is wired. If you AC transformer (wall wart) outputs 12VDC then there should be no problem using a car cord. As you already pointed out - disconnect before starting car as alternator can often put out initial voltage surge.

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