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Default SmarMedia card error and lost pictures

I recently made a trip to NYC and took about 40 pictures (all of which I previewed- the camera was working normally) with my Olympus c-2040 before I was unable to take any more pictures. The number of pictures taken display flashed and I couldn't use the camera at all. I can usually take over 100 pictures with that card. I gave up trying to take pictures and waited till I got home to look at the camera. I was unable to access the card with my usb SanDisk card reader and my camera wouldn't display the pictures or take pictures. It gave me a card error symbol. I also could not format the card. Finally, I put the card in a different camera- 1st another Olympus which didn't work either, and then a FujiFilm FinePix which would not show the pictures I'd taken, but I was able to format the card and it now seems ok. I'm afraid to use this card now, not knowing what the problem was. I thought maybe it had to do with the cold weather affecting the batteries and that somehow messed up the card. It was an extremely cold day and I was outside a lot. I've since noticed that my SanDisk has become very difficult to get my SmartMedia cards out of it. Wondering if the SanDisk possibly damaged the card. I wish I'd known about the recovery programs I've since read about to try to get my pictures. Any ideas what may have happened? Things to avoid? etc. Thanks.
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There are some 'Golden Rules' about card problems. If you suspect any problem at all with a card having taken pictures, remove it from the cam immediately, if it's SmartMedia put a write protect tab on it. Use a new card.

Check out card recovery programmes. Whilst WinHex.exe is not a card recovery prog it can be used to fix cards with some knowledge. More importantly, it will take an 'image' copy of your card and store on your HD. This is very important before trying reformats, other cams, or taking more pictures. Any further writing to a suspect card may make getting pics off more difficult. SO BACK UP AN IMAGE OF A SUSPECT CARD FIRST.

The first prob. you have is confidence in the suspect card - whatever you do afterwards. I don't know if these recovery progs. will verify a whole card - but that's what you need, in case there is a memory cell fault somewhere. You could try copying a whole bunch of jpegs from your pc to the card until it's full, via the reader, then check all the thumbnails open.

The only thing I can think cold weather might cause is the batteries may have been pulled down by the temperature, and the card writing was faulty so screwed up the card. Always keep batts. in your pocket or cam in a chest pocket, bringing it out when you need to if it's V.Cold

When you say you formatted it in a Fuji cam, that's a bit naughty, as not all cams use the same format. You may be lucky in that the Fuji format left your Olympus directory and files intact on the card. If you've shot more pics since you've probably stuffed chances of recovery.

Don't know your cam, if it's SmartMedia look for signs of damage on the gold contacts. If its CF check for damaged pins. Good Luck
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