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Hey all,
I'm probably one of the biggest n00bs as far as cameras go. I just ordered from Beach Camera a Canon SD500. I see that it only comes with 32 mb of storage, so I think that I need more. My question is what card should I be looking for that will be a good match for the camera? Also, where should I buy this card? Thanks!

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I also just ordered the SD500 from Beach Camera

From what I have read in different reviews it looks like Sandisk and Transcend are good fast cards...but I have yet to find a definitive answer, I was hoping someone replied to your post, but no luck.

I am hoping to make a purchase today so back to the reviews!
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Irecently purchased a 1 GB SanDisk Ultra 2 SD Card for my Canon SD100 digital camera and it is performing excellent. Well worth themoney for the performance (high capacity memory, fast performance, and doesn't drain my battery much as otherhigher capacitySD cards do.)

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I had a Sandisk Ultra 2 card for my S1 and it worked very well. I now have a Kingston Elite Pro for my S2. It was a little cheaper ($63 for 1GB) than the Ultra 2 and is sufficiently speedy at 50x.

I recommend ZipZoomFly.com because they have free 2 day shipping and good prices. They also have a number of other brands to choose from.
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I have the SD500. I bought the 2gb 150x ritadata card off of newegg for 112 with free shipping. The card is excellent. Fast as hell. There is 0 delay in writing to the card. I highly rec it.
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Toshiba's SD Card is a pretty good consideration...I owned a 1G Card, for my Sanyo camera. really stable. It is also Made in Japan. I was surprised to know that after I got it.
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There are a couple of factors to consider.

One factor is write speed. Looking at the specifications, there are two variables to consider. One is using movie mode and the other is taking still pictures. Movie mode uses 4.1 megabits per second in HQ mode, which roughly translates to 1/2 megabytes (MB) per second for easy calculations. I can confirm this using empirical results with my EX-S500.1X speed is defined as 150 kilobytes (KB) per second, so 4x speed is required for smooth video transfer in HQ mode. Now, we also have to consider continuous (still) shooting mode. Casiosays aHQ picture consumes about 3.0MB, so let's use 3.5 MB as an upper limit for a quick and dirty discussion. The camera appears to be rated for 0.9 pictures per second in continous mode, so that gives us about 3.8 MB per second. This far exceeds movie mode rates at 500KB/second. A hypothetical 3.8 MB upper write rate translates to about 26X write speed rounding up. Even if we consider just 3.0MB per picture, we still end up with about 22.7X write speed need.So for easy reference, 30x is enough.

A second factor is card size. Unfortunately trying to solve for this largely depends on your usage. For example, someone usingtheir camerafor extended travels with little oppotunity and using pictures for a blog will likely using the smallest images to preserve memory and not generate large pictures that they will need to scale down anyway. Me?Personal, family, and friends pics - but I take quite a few in a week and will take frequent short videos. For me 512MB is precariously low memory given that bursts of interesting opportunities can fill that quickly. Remember, an 8 minute video will fill a 512MB card in HQ mode. San Diego zoo?.. I'll need gigs. If I were to recommend a card size without knowing a perons's need: if you can afford $80, go to newegg.com and get an ADATA 2GB card for 74+ 5 S/H.

Also, check out card reviews. Helps with learning what cards and manufacturers to trust. Also, some camera and card combinations can be unusually flaky (e.g., I saw posts by owners that their Nikon D-50shad trouble with some specific SD card).

If readers spot a mistake in the above or can add more information, please take a couple of seconds to share your knowledge. thanks!
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