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I bought a Lexar 512MB Memory Stick Pro to fit into my new Sony W17 camera but it seems to be to be awfully slow in transferring files in comparison to my trusty 4 year old and supposedly outdated SmartMedia card from my old camera.

I have no experience of Memory Sticks so I was wondering if anyone out there can confirm that there is something wrong with this one.

I timed it on uploading 50 files totalling 139MB. It took 7 minutes and 10 seconds :shock: which seems excrutiatingly slow to me. I contacted the company that sold it to me and they reckoned 10-15 seconds per MB was fine and normal and anything over 30 seconds per MB could be considered slow. 15 seconds per MB? Really?!

I went onto the Lexar Live Chat help and they said that the Memory Stick Pro cards were usually 4X read speed, with X being 150kbps per second making my card 600kbps per second. (Although I've seen elsewhere them being listed as 40x which is a bit of a difference and if 40X was true it should be really speedy!)

Anyway with all of this conflicting advice I thought I'd ask people who actually USE the things and would know.

I should add that dragging files from PC to Memory Stick is fast, as is deleting. Single files transfer very fast also, so the problem with speed only seems to occur when trying to transfer blocks of files from Camera to PC.
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