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I'm wanting to buy a couple of 2GB SD cards and use one in the camera and one in a small keychain type reader. I'm leaning towards A-Data or Transcend cards. The problem is finding a small reader that can read the 1GB> cards. I've currently got a KingMax mini reader, very nice, but it's limit is 1GB. My Gateway M375 notebook has a reader that is very slow and has a 1GB limit. SD2Go works with the big cards, but they die a lot. Crucial makes the CTR2MMPU2, but they are big. Maybe I'll have to wait 6 months or so till the readers catch up to the cards? - Joe
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Have you checked out the Simple Tech BONZAI USB 2.0 CARD READER (STI-USB2BONZAI) I purchased mine from Amazon.com for about $8.00

It is a USB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mb/Sec) certified SD Reader/Writer. I own one and have only tried it on 1 GB SD cards and it is fast. (I am not sure if it is compatible with higer capacity SD cards - nothing on the packaging sayscontrary.)

The SD card fits completely inside the reader/writer, and there is a nice push in card lock eject mechanism that makes the reader/writer seem very nice.

However, the body is all hard plastic and the cover where you open and close to insert the SD card is clear plastic and seems really easily to break. There is a clip on the underside of the reader/writer and it is a flimsy clear plastic that I can see breaking easily also. (I don't use the clip, and the drive carries easily enough in my pants pocket.)

The reader/writer device is very small, fits inside an altoids chewing gum tin, and the reader/writer comes with a hard plastic cap to protect the USB male plug (although I could see it being lost very easily as it is detachable from the reader/writer device.) It comes with a lanyard like cord, a usb extension cord, and Free StorageSync software on a mini cd disc (I have yet to use this software, you don't need to use it.)

Despite its plastic exteriors, it does what it is ment to do and what it is:

FAST, SMALL, INEXPENSIVE, Nice included accessories.

I wish I could find a similar high speedreader/writer for a 6GB MICRODRIVE CARD, I have been unable to find one. Read here ... http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=79299&forum_id=52


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Check out this one from Lexar


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Thanks Steve! That seems to be just what I want. Flimsy cap seems to be the only down side. But I've been missing the caps to both my 1GB keychain drives for over a year and they both still work well. That Lexar link you gave me had no model number or such, but it's a

Lexar JDT-231 and has lots of reviews and prices on Amazon and Epinions.

It's only $15.23 on Amazon, time for me to get some 2GB cards now.. I'll probably get one A-Data 150x now, and if it seems decent get another, if not I'll try a Transcend 150x. That way I'll have 2GB in the cam, 2GB in the pocket, and my old 1GB 80X in the wallet as a camera/pocket spare. - Joe
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Hey Joe, I just ran into the same limitation with the Kingmax card reader. Now I'm in the same boat with you...

I'm looking at these:

Ezonics at Newegg - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820402101

Found these on ebay, they look like the Kingmax -


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I bought one of these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00008RW8L

and one of these:

They both seem to work fine.

I also tested the speed of the new A-data 150x 2gb SD card I bought. The Transcend 80X 1GB I have is faster. About the same on reads, slower on writes, but it does seem to keep up with the camera. I wonder how fast a Transcend 150x is?

2GB A-Data 150x

2MB Files Test
Read Performance : (17442 kB/sec, 99x)
Write Performance : (4437 kB/sec, 25x)

1GB Transcend 80X

2MB Files Test
Read Performance : (17374 kB/sec, 98x)
Write Performance : (5120 kB/sec, 29x)
That is using the newest version of Sandra's flash memory test. - Joe

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