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Hi, I am using Scandisk 1 gig card with my Canon EOS 350D camera, the camera doesnt accept the card anymore, and 2 of my card readers doesnt pick it up. Only my printer accepts the card, but only after a few times removing it and replacing it again.

Can anyone help? Is it a fault with the card, or the camera?
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My camera recently said card error when taking photos, I reformatted and now its working again.
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a corupt image can cause this thats why a format can cure it

also a reason whyi personaly dont use huge cards but have several smaller ones.......so i dont loose all images

allways worth a format......via the camera ofcourse
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(Isn't it CheckDisk now?)

Do you have photos in that card which you would need to recover from it?
Because that affects much to what's sensible to try.

If there's valuable photos in it I would first suggest trying card in more than couple card readers.
Because if printer recognises card one thing is sure, at least card haven't went totally dumb.

If some reader recognises it you could try this for recovering photos.
If there's nothing valauble in it just try formatting...
But you should do full format with "surface" scan because part of card might be broken.
(normal format formats only filesystem basing to time it takes)

BTW Does camera allow shutting it down when it's writing to card?
That might lead to file system getting corrupted.
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THANKS FOR the replies. I tried formatting with the camera, and it says Error 99. Its probably because when i enter the card its not even picking it up.. Usually is flashes red once card is accepted, but it hasnt, and it jus says Error CFas soon as i put it on.

I've also tried a PC format of the card, no joy..
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