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Hi, I bought a rebel xt for my husband this past christmas. And although we have a 2GB CF2 card, we also have a 2GB Microdrive that one of our friends gave us. We put it in the camera, and received an Error message (sorry, I forget the exact error). So, we went to the manual, and it told us to format the drive. We tried, failed and still getting that same error. How do I get it to work? Sorry this is probably a dumb question...but this is our first non-point & shoot camera and all cards for our other cameras have worked with no problems.
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Depends on the make & model of the Microdrive. A lot of them are being shipped with other devices now (like MP3 players), and are not compatible with cameras. Do a Forums SEARCH for "microdrive compatibility". I know there's a tread in here about microdrive compatibility...I think it's this one:

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Did you format the drive inside the camera or in a card reader? If you did it in a reader, thats probably the issue.

If you formatted it in the camera and it didn't work, you either have a compatability issue or a bad drive.

I had some older Sandisk 512mb CF cards which would only fill roughly 1/2 way up with photos in my Rebel XT and then i'd get a CF-Error message... and lose all the photos.
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Thanks much for your reply. In reading some of the other threads re MDs, it seems that my MD is a Hitachi OEM 2GB drive. But it didn't come out of a MP3 player. It was brand new in a little electrostatic baggie.

I formatted in the camera and not in a reader...so maybe it is a compatibility issue. Thanks for the assistance!
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What camera's firmware is it?

Loading the latest firmware update will fix the issue...

-> My EOS 10D din't work with the newest Seagate 8G Photo drive (but it worked fine with older Hitachi/IBM). When I updated to the latest firmware the "ERROR" message went away!
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