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Camera (to be purchased): Canon Powershot S2 IS

I want a couple large high speed SD cards and I found the below

(super media store):

PQ1 SD Highspeed 1 GB 150x $52.95

A-Data SD Highspeed 1 GB 150x $54.95

The prices seems fine, but I wonder if they are really as good as some of the more recognizable brands (Sandisk, Kingston, etc). The reason for asking is that Kingston, forexample, sell SD cards as follows:

Kingston SD Highspeed 1 GB 133x $109.95 - $129.97

Also, I found Transcent (super media store):

Transcent SD Highspeed 1GB 80x $54.95

While latter is cheaper, it is also only rated at 80x compared to 133-150x above.

First of all, "how fast" should a good high speed SD card be ? Is 80x considered fast or should I consider cards only 130-150X today?
(I am here also thinking for the 640x480 30 fps move recording move)

Is it safe to buy the cheaper cards, or are they just so much worse that you can not really count on the speed description and/or quality ??

I would love to hear any of your experiences
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I would recommend Kingston, Sandisk or Lexar High Speed Cards

Kingston Elite Pro, Sandisk Ultra II, and the Lexar equivalent.

Or the Ultra Speed brands listed above. 133x Class or higher.

Of course best case is to get

Kingston Ultimate, Sandisk Extreme III, Lexar Professional 133x. Those though cost quite a bit.

I myself have the Kingston Elite Pro 1GB and it works fine for taking pictures and video on my Casio EX-Z120.
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Old Feb 11, 2006, 10:06 AM   #3
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The rumour mill in the industry is that prices of memory cards are about to take a tumble. If you don't need one urgently, I would wait a few weeks to see what happens.
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Old Feb 14, 2006, 8:15 AM   #4
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On reflection, that is likely not a rumour, and may explain why Future Shop here in canada has the Sandisk standard 2GB card at $120 off list, for $99Can. That's about $85US or so.

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Henrys has a 7 day sale sale on on all itscards.


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I can't speak to speed for writing movies on your camera, but I did refer to this site before I bought my 1 GB SD card for my Nikon D50. I purchased a Kingston Ultimate 133x (lifetime warranty) which rated well on the site. I am pleased with its performance, but don't know that I have pushed it either.


I can't tell where you are located, but if US,this post refers to some good prices


Likewise, once you decide on a brand, you can check out a site such as this for deals:


Good luck,


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