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I currently have a 512 original typeOlympus xd card and the supplied 16mb that came with my camera.

I am looking for a 1 gig card for extra storage while on this trip.

I have a few questions.

1) There are no original type 1GB cards right, just 512?

2) Will my camera work with Type-M or Type-H?

3) Which type will my camera shoot the fastest with in burst modes (Type-M, Type-H, Type-Original)?

4) Which type will my camera shoot the fastest with in RAW mode (Type-M, Type-H, Type-Original)?

5) Will Type-M or Type-H be able to do video on my camera? Although this isn't a major concern.

6) Is there any reliability issues between the 3 major brands (Sandisk, olympus, fuji)? I don't want the card dying or getting corrupton me while I'm on vacation.

The vacation will span 2 weeks so that is why I'm looking for more storage. I will be shooting the highest quality JPEG mode (approx. 2MB per picture) and maybe a few raw (8-9MB per picture).
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According to Fuji...


Type 'M' cards are compatible, but does not address Type 'H' cards.


Fuji UK says Type 'M' and 'H' can be used (no exception for S5100/5500 listed).

To answer your questions...

1. I don't think so.
2. According to the above, either will work.
3. I don't know.
4. I don't know.
5. According to the above, both should work.
6. I have used both Fuji and Olympus cards in my S5100 without issues. Both brands were manufactured by Samsung.

If you're concerned with card failure, you may want to consider purchasing two 512 xD cards rather than one 1 gig card. That way, you will have a total 1.5 gig capacity, and if one card fails, you will still have 1 gig capacity. I wouldn't be overly concerned with xD card failures...I don't think they happen very often.

the Hun

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