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By mistake I manage to low level format my 1gb card in S2is canon camera. Capacity felt on 512 mb. Any chances to retrieve capacity???
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Are you sure about that?

All formatting the card in the camera should do is replace the FAT (File Allocation Table with a new one. It shouldn't have changed the card capacity, unless there is a comptability problem with the card.

It's normal for cards to show less than their stated capacity (because the vendors measure cards differently) + some space is set aside for the security funtion of Secure Digital Cards.

But, it shouldn't be down to 512MB. It should show up as a over 900MB when you look at one with something like Windows. A 512MB card usually shows around 468MB.

What kind of card is it?

Did you interrupt the format process? Have you tried formatting via the camera menus again?

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I have formatted my 2 GB sd card .After formatting it gives just 970MB.

Dont know what is the issue here?
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I found my Minolta F300 could only use a 5112MB SD card. perhaps your card is too big for your particular camera.

My camera stopped downloading so I bought a $10 card reader for the SD only. It is about the size of a flatttened fountain pen, mates with the USB port and has a slot in the side for the card. It functions like a removable hard drrive, you can load any data in it. One program I use had a disk speed rating, I thinnk I'll use it to test cards for speed.
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I've got a 2gig card for my DV camcorder, it said it needed formatting, I kinda needed it for tonight, so I've just fomratted it, now, when I put it in it doesn;t save the files to the card, I've also copied the folders and files form my older smaller capacity one to this in hope that it'll save them there. no hope. It's a photofast... any suggestions?

What cards are all you using? (make)
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